Frequently asked questions:

How to contact me:
Telephone: 914-290-4284
We will talk over the phone and we will schedule an appointment for an evaluation

Do you speak English?

Do you know sign language?
Yes, I am a Certified Interpreter.

Do you prescribe medication?
No, I am not a medical doctor.

Do you have to be in contact with my medical doctor?
Yes, after you sign a release of information I will need to be in contact with the medical
practitioner who is treating you in order to continue to provide you with the best treatment. 

Do I have to get a physical before seeing you?
I will be happy to work with you as a therapist.  However if you are experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sudden weight loss or gain, depression, anxiety, exhaustion,
confusion, difficulty with sleep, or other symptoms it is important to consult with your
medical practitioner prior to meeting with me to rule out physiological conditions that are causing these symptoms.

Do you help with weight loss?
I work with clients on specific goals to help enhance their lives such as exploring healthy
living. However I am not a medical provider and cannot advise you on exercise or diet.

Are you a speech therapist?
No, I am a hearing sign fluent therapist.  I work with people who are able to hear and
individuals with hearing loss and the deaf.

What if I need other services in addition to therapy?
I will be happy to explore additional services, or put you in touch with a referral source.

Do you treat individuals who are addicted to substances?
I will work with individuals who have completed a rehabilitation program and are free of
illicit substances/alcohol for at least a year.  I work with individuals in recovery seeking out supportive therapy to augment their 12 step program

Do you work with consumers who are court mandated for treatment?

Do you work with violent offenders or provide forensic evaluations?

Will you work with a consumer who has a plan to harm themselves or others?
Please call 911 if you are thinking of harming yourself or others, or go to your closest
emergency room. It is important to be safe and stable before seeking out therapy.

Are you a ‘mandated reporter’?
Yes medical professionals, teachers, and many other professionals are mandated reporters.
What does this mean?
If a child is neglected, in imminent danger, or abused I must report this immediately.
If you are a danger to yourself or others I must report this immediately.

Communication outside of the office
If you need to speak with me please call 914-290-4284.
If you do not reach me please leave me a voice mail message with your phone number. If I do not return your call within five hours please call me back and leave another message.

If it is a life threatening situation, please call 911 immediately.

Please be advised I do not correspond with people by; fax, email, or text due to HIPPA

Your privacy is protected under HIPPA. If I am making an attempt to speak with you I will not divulge to anyone else answering your phone what I am calling in reference to.
• A HIPPA form must be signed to permit me to leave messages on a specific phone number.
I will not discuss your personal information with others unless you are a danger to yourself or others (see the section ‘mandated reporter’).
• If I see you in outside of the office I will not approach you or acknowledge you are a client even if you disclose this information.

Fee for service
I accept cash, checks or credit cards for payment.
Insurances I accept: Blue Cross Blue Shield & United Healthcare
Payment is expected at the time of the service.

Missed or cancelled appointments
All missed appointments will be billed in the full amount.
Cancelled appointments; if you need to cancel an appointment due to unforeseen
circumstances you will not be charged if you call me within twenty four hours of your

Emergencies; sometimes there are emergencies that arise in our lives such as; death, illness, extreme weather. I will not hold you responsible for payment under these circumstances.
Late arrival for appointments; we will end at our scheduled time.

Do you offer a ‘sliding scale’?
I have a set rate; however I will consider extraordinary circumstances.